Double T Ranch LaManchas

After living in Wyoming for 40 years, we moved to Genola, Utah, a lovely farming community filled with fruit orchards, fields of alfalfa and other crops. A wonderful place to start raising dairy goats again and the move provided an opportunity to live next door to our oldest daughter and her family.

Our adventure began in the 80’s with a handful of Nubians. After a couple of years we became friends with the Webb’s and the LaManchas of the South Fork herd at one is the local shows and that changed everything for us. We started raising LaManchas and loved their temperament and their ability to really milk. We did well in the show rings in Wyoming, Colorado and at a few national shows and even had a couple of top ten producers (Volume 48 of the ADGA Performance Summary).

We will continue to strive for a herd with good milk production, proper conformation and to maintain a CAE free herd. Our herd is vaccinated with CD&T as well as BoSe annually. Our feed routine is simple. We feed our does alfalfa along with a dairy ration and our bucks are fed a grass alfalfa mix with some grain. They have access to fresh water, minerals and baking soda at all times. We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association and the ADGA Plus program and are on official DHIR test.

Don’t you just love this?!? Our granddaughter, AnnMarie (she’s 22 now!) with Shine. For whatever reason, AnnMarie was best buds with the meanest goat in the barn.